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What's the Average Physical Therapy-Car Accident Settlement? | Ohio Laws in 2024

Car accidents cause a wide range of problems for drivers, from soft tissue injuries to traumatic brain injuries.

Regardless of how severe the car crash is, the victim likely has to deal with hefty medical expenses for their treatment. Usually, the person will need to pay for physical therapy if they want to recover as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, medical bills related to physical therapy tend to be expensive, especially if that treatment lasts long. On top of that, the victim needs to think about all the lost wages they'll have while they don't work.

By hiring an experienced personal injury attorney, those involved in motor vehicle accidents have a higher chance of earning compensation to cover their physical therapy and other treatments. They can also share insight on an average settlement for broken knee cap injury Ohio.

What's the average physical therapy-car accident settlement? Ohio offers enough information to help people determine a rough estimate for their case. Those interested in knowing more about their car accident settlements should keep reading.

When Do Car Accident Victims Need Physical Therapy?

When Do Car Accident Victims Need Physical Therapy?

A personal injury victim will need physical therapy if the accident causes them to lose mobility or balance. They may also need to get therapy to allow some injuries to heal faster.

It's complicated to tell whether someone will need physical therapy without a medical expert's opinion. This is why all victims must seek medical attention immediately after an accident. The sooner they get their injuries addressed, the better.

What Happens If the Person Doesn't Get Therapy?

Not getting physical therapy and ignoring the injury's symptoms will lead to more pain over time. As the injuries get worse, the expenses for physical therapy will be higher.

Some people refuse to get physical therapy because of their high costs. This is why filing personal injury claims is a great way to ensure the victim gets enough money to pay for their entire treatment without having to worry about their financial status. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can also explain an average chiropractic care car accident settlement Ohio.

What's the Average Car Accident Settlement in Ohio?

The settlement for a personal injury claim in Ohio depends on different factors. A victim could earn as little as $5,000 and as high as $300,000 for their injury. Some cases earn the victim even more money than that.

Those with simple neck and back pain, for example, may not get a lot of money from their personal injury case. People who get paralyzed because of their injuries, however, are more likely to earn a considerable compensation amount.

Does the Settlement Cover Physical Therapy?

Usually, a person's settlement can cover physical therapy if there's enough money for it. This is why victims must document their recovery process thoroughly so that they have enough proof when negotiating with insurance companies.

Some at-fault parties (and their insurance companies) will try to argue they weren't liable for the accident, and if the victim doesn't have enough proof, they may get away with that.

Hiring an auto accident lawyer for these cases will make the process much more manageable for the victim, as the legal expert will take care of all the complex details while they focus on their recovery.

Which Factors Affect the Settlement of a Motor Vehicle Accident in Ohio?

Some of the most common factors affecting car accident settlements in Ohio include:

Severity of the Injuries

In most cases, the more severe the injury is, the more money the victim may earn from their settlement. Of course, they would have to prove the other party was responsible for these injuries.

People can prove the severity of their injuries by documenting their recovery process.

Medical Expenses and Lost Wages

Similar to the previous point, the higher the medical bills the person has to pay during recovery, the more they could ask for in their settlement.

Piling bills helps victims prove how severe the accident was and how it affected them. If the accident also limited the person's ability to keep working, they could also consider it when determining how much money the victim can get.

Share of Fault

Ohio is a "modified comparative fault" state. It means the victim will get paid based on their percentage of fault. If they're over 50% responsible for the accident, they won't get paid.

Policy Limits

All drivers in Ohio must carry auto insurance of no less than $25k per person, $50k per accident for bodily injuries, and $25k for property damage. If the victim's injuries go beyond that limit, they may have to pursue alternative methods to get compensated.

Number of Claimants

Claims involving many people can make things harder, as insurance companies have to calculate each person's percentage of fault to offer a reasonable amount to everyone. On the other hand, if many people are affected by one person's negligent actions, there may not be enough money to cover everyone's treatment.

Pain and Suffering

Serious injuries and physical therapy processes often come with a heavy emotional toll. Victims may also sue the at-fault party for pain and suffering and get more money from their settlement.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages only get awarded by a jury, and they're meant to punish the defendant for their reckless actions. They can give more compensation to the victim.

How to Ensure Maximum Compensation with Personal Injury Cases

How to Ensure Maximum Compensation with Personal Injury Cases

The key is to prepare accordingly and gather as much evidence as possible for the case. Some insurance companies may try to negotiate directly with the victim in hopes of offering less money in settlements.

Victims should always speak to a legal professional before accepting any settlement offer. Usually, the amount of money people can make from a legal claim is much higher than what the insurance company is offering.

A lawyer will have the victim's best interests in hand, so they will evaluate the offer and determine whether it's worth their time or not.

Another important factor in earning compensation is how early the victim files their claim. Waiting too long to take action will lower their chance of getting more money. Also, if the victim misses Ohio's two-year statute of limitations, they may lose their right to earn compensation.

Bottom Line

Whether the victim experiences simple fractures or severe spinal cord injuries, it's crucial to file their car accident claim as soon as possible. The longer the victim waits to seek justice, the less likely they'll be to earn compensation from the at-fault party and their insurance company.

The personal injury lawyer team at Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys is committed to helping people with severe injuries seek justice for what happened. Those who need to cover their physical therapy can benefit from a solid car accident lawsuit, and that's where these legal experts come in.

Those who suffered injuries after a car accident and want to start their legal process with this firm can schedule a free consultation for their case today.


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