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What Is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident While Pregnant? | Ohio Laws in 2024

Getting into any accident on the road can lead to serious injury. Unfortunately, certain groups of people have a higher risk of experiencing a fatal one. Pregnant women, for example, must consider the health of their unborn child on top of theirs.

Even though pregnant women can do everything in their power to drive safely, it's sometimes impossible to prevent reckless drivers from getting in the way. Victims must seek compensation through a personal injury claim, but how much can they earn from that?

Regarding the average settlement for a car accident while pregnant, Ohio has certain laws to keep in mind. The page below offers all the insight people need to ensure they're filing their personal injury case the right way.

How Much Can Pregnant Women Expect from Their Settlement?

How Much Can Pregnant Women Expect from Their Settlement?

Settlement amounts depend on different factors, such as:

- Severity of the injuries sustained

- Property damage

- Insurance coverage

- Liability

- Legal representation

Compensation for a car accident claim in Ohio ranges from $13,000 to $300,000 (or higher). If the accident involves serious issues like a traumatic brain injury or the death of the unborn child, the victim may be entitled to higher compensation.

Hiring personal injury lawyers is the best thing to do in these cases, as they can help gather evidence and represent the victim in these tough times. Most car accidents result in high bills, which will be hard to pay out of pocket.

It's not recommended to go through this process without legal help. Insurance companies, for example, will try to offer a lowball settlement and even argue the victim was also at fault. With the help of an auto accident attorney, these companies will have a harder time pinning the blame on the plaintiff.

What can people use their compensation for? In most cases, they can use that money to pay the following:

Medical Bills

It's no surprise that auto accidents lead to serious injuries. Even if the unborn baby isn't in any danger, the mother will likely need to cover their own treatment.

Future medical expenses easily add up thanks to treatment costs, emergency visits, and more. Victims can use their settlement money to cover these bills.

Lost Wages

Depending on how severe the accident was, the victim may be unable to return to work for a while. They have to focus on their recovery, but how can they do that when they have a baby to attend to?

If the crash led to many lost wages, the victim can get compensated further and use that money to cover those damages.

Property Damage

Car crashes often lead to property damage, no matter how "minor" they are. Even if both the mother and child are unharmed, getting property damage can also impact their life.

Maybe the mother relies on their vehicle to move to work or other important places. Losing that will cause hardships for her. Thankfully, a personal injury case can help the victim recover money to pay for property damage too. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can also provide insight on an average chiropractic care car accident settlement Ohio.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering is a term used to refer to physical and mental pain experienced after an accident. This is often tricky to calculate, as most states have different rules to quantify pain and suffering.

Unlike future/past medical expenses or lost wages, "pain and suffering" isn't something that people can calculate right away, especially when talking about mental distress.

Emotional Distress

It refers to any mental suffering experienced due to an auto accident. If the victim goes through any of the following, they may be entitled to further compensation:

  • Guilt

  • Substance abuse

  • Low energy

  • Anxiety

  • Poor sleeping and eating habits

  • Self-harm

Of course, determining if those factors are due to the accident is hard. A professional lawyer, though, can build a solid case that addresses these damages too.

What About Punitive Damages?

Punitive damages are awarded in some special scenarios to punish the defendant. The point of these damages is to deter that person from doing anything similar in the future.

These damages are hard to get since they're not meant to compensate the victim but rather to give a warning to the defendant.

According to Ohio law (Ohio Revised Code 2315.21), the victim must prove two things if they want to get punitive damages:

  • The defendant acted with malice or "egregious fraud."

  • The defendant willingly participated in the activity that led to the accident that caused the injury.

What If the Car Accident Led to a Wrongful Death Claim?

Some unfortunate accidents can lead to the baby's death, whether from stillbirth or miscarriages. Not only are these mentally devastating for the victim, but they also put their health at risk.

Women who lost their child after an accident are encouraged to file wrongful death lawsuits. By getting help from a lawyer, they can get enough compensation to move on while they heal physically and mentally.

Are Car Accidents Dangerous for Pregnant Women?

Yes, all car accidents are dangerous for a pregnant woman. Most of the time, these people get many warnings from their physicians so that they can go through the baby's development process safely.

Driving, in this case, is a highly risky activity for pregnant women, especially if they do it frequently. Even a small crash can cause too much trauma to the woman's body, which can hurt the baby.

The unborn child can also experience many complications, including placental abruption, stillbirths, and more. It's important to note that the further the woman is into their pregnancy, the higher the risk they're exposed to.

Sometimes, these accidents can lead to premature births, and the victim may have to pay a visit to the emergency room to get a C-section. In these cases, the victim must be prepared to pay a considerable sum of money. Settlement money can help during these tough times.

Which Complications Can Victims Expect Over Time?

Some complication symptoms are more complicated than others. It's crucial to get a lawyer to help in these cases, as most insurance companies will try to argue that certain injuries aren't as severe.

Without the right proof, the victim won't be able to prove otherwise, leading to lower settlement amounts. Seeking medical help right after the accident gives victims all the documentation necessary to use later. Early treatment also helps identify underlying issues before it's too late.

Some common "complications" include:

- Urinary problems

- Loss of consciousness

- Headaches/migraines

- Abdominal pain

- Swelling

- Back and neck pain

- Bruising

- Variations in fetal movement

Which Medical Expenses Must the Victim Deal with?

Most victims deal with similar expenses after their medical visit. Of course, pregnant women may have to pay more because of their condition.

Usually, victims pay for the following:

  • Emergency room visits

  • Hospitalization

  • Emergency surgeries

  • Medical equipment to treat the child

  • Psychological therapy

  • In-home treatment services

  • Medicines

  • Physical therapy

Talking to a lawyer beforehand can help the victim determine which medical costs to expect.

Is It a Good Idea to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Is It a Good Idea to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Calling a lawyer after a car crash is always a great idea. Usually, at-fault drivers won't admit they were liable for the accident, so they will refuse to pay or file a claim with their insurance company. They also have information on delayed chest pain after car accident.

This isn't fair for the victim, and they shouldn't walk away if the other person isn't compliant. Hiring a lawyer helps the victim focus on their recovery while the expert deals with all the details of the case.

Generally speaking, lawyers help victims when learning about the law, preparing the case, gathering evidence, etc. They can also represent the victim if the case goes to court, which is helpful if they want to get as much compensation as possible.

What should victims do after an accident? It depends on the circumstances.

If the person can move safely after getting into the crash, they should do the following:

  • Call 911 and the police.

  • Get everyone else involved to safety.

  • Document the injuries and damages (photos and videos).

  • Get a police report.

  • Talk to potential witnesses and get their contact information.

  • Get the at-fault driver's contact information, license plate, and insurance policy.

  • Call a personal injury lawyer and the insurance company.

Every step matters, and the faster the victim is, the more likely they'll be to get justice for what happened. Doing everything correctly will also give the person the highest chance of saving their baby.

Bottom Line

It's tricky to determine a specific settlement amount for these accidents. Many factors affect how much the victim could earn, so their best bet is to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney.

A reputable law firm will walk the victim through all the steps necessary to ensure as much compensation as possible. These legal experts also take over the negotiation process with the insurance company, which allows the victim to rest and focus on their recovery.

At Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, there's a group of experts willing to create solid personal injury claims that get victims justice. Those interested in working with this law firm can schedule a free consultation to get started.


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