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Know the Time Limits: How Long Can You Sue after a Car Accident in Ohio?

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident can be challenging for everyone. Ohio law offers a time-bound window for filing a personal injury lawsuit. The crucial countdown begins from the day of the mishap, ticking relentlessly for car accident victims towards the legal deadline.

This statute of limitations has significant implications for those seeking to hold the liable party accountable and recover compensation for car accident injuries.

However, the maze of insurance company dealings, medical reports, and accident scene investigations can be confusing. In this article, readers will unravel the intricacies of Ohio's car accident laws, providing invaluable insight into making an effective car accident claim. Contact Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys with questions like Can I be sued for car accident Ohio?

Understanding Ohio's Statute of Limitations in Car Accidents

Understanding Ohio's Statute of Limitations in Car Accidents

Car accident cases have a strict timeframe in Ohio. This deadline, known as the statute of limitations, is two years. When a car accident occurs, the clock starts ticking for the car accident victim to file a lawsuit. It is essential to take legal action to receive compensation for any injuries or damages suffered.

Time Variations in Personal Injury Lawsuits

The time limit (statute of limitations) in lawsuits, including car accidents, can vary depending on the age of the victims. Hence, for adults, the two-year timeframe starts from the date of the car accident.

However, for minors, the countdown commences from their 18th birthday, providing them with an extension up to their 20th birthday.

Once the statute of limitations has expired, the court will likely dismiss any car accident claim or lawsuits filed after that.

Therefore, the at-fault driver might evade providing fair compensation. This rule applies even in a wrongful death claim arising from fatal car accident injuries.

Negotiating Compensation and Seeking Justice in Car Accident Lawsuits

These cases need not always go to court. Sometimes, an insurance company is willing to negotiate and cover medical expenses, medical treatment, and other costs incurred by the car accident victim.

Nevertheless, auto accident lawyers in Toledo may be essential to navigate this process and secure maximum compensation.

Auto accident victims should remember that every day counts in the fight for justice and compensation after an incident.

Time lost is a potential opportunity for seeking compensation lost. Hence, victims should act promptly and file their personal injury claim or car accident lawsuit before it's too late.

Potential Damages to Claim in an Ohio Car Accident Lawsuit

In an Ohio car accident case, victims might not realize the extensive compensation they could be entitled to. Filing a car accident lawsuit is not just about covering immediate medical bills.

The actual compensation might extend beyond direct healthcare costs, with various aspects being potentially claimable. These could include:

  • Costs for medical treatment and future medical care

  • Expenses for physical or occupational therapy

  • Payment for in-home nursing services

  • Compensation for lost earnings and future income if returning to work is not an option

  • Costs for necessary home modifications if the accident resulted in a permanent disability

  • Compensation for personal pain and suffering

Navigating the Aftermath of an Ohio Car Accident

The distress following a car accident in Ohio might be overwhelming. People might have to deal with not just physical pain but also emotional distress, loss of enjoyment in life, and financial stress caused by loss of income.

Furthermore, the other driver's insurance might seem like a potential solution, but it might not be enough to cover all the losses in many cases.

Therefore, it's essential to understand the full scope of compensation that might be available under the Ohio statute.

It helps to remember a car accident lawsuit might offer victims the opportunity to claim all they are rightfully entitled to, ensuring they do not bear the brunt of someone else's negligence.

Establishing Fault in a Car Accident Case

Determining fault is a crucial aspect of a car accident case. It is based on proving negligence through solid evidence. Typically, the other driver should have been responsible for the following:

  • Upholding a duty of care towards fellow motorists

  • Violating this duty by acting irresponsibly or dangerously

  • Causing an accident, which directly led to personal injuries

Understanding what happened isn't enough. Having tangible evidence to back up the claim becomes crucial. Witness statements and accident reports can support the claim, further strengthening the case.

Comparative Negligence in Ohio Auto Accident Cases

Ohio adheres to a concept called comparative negligence. This concept plays a significant role in car accident cases, as the blame doesn't always fall entirely on one party. If the injured party is 25% at fault, their potential compensation gets reduced by that percentage.

It's also worth noting that Ohio's law has a more than 50% fault clause, which means if a person is more than half at fault for the accident, they may not be entitled to any compensation.

Therefore, even if the other driver appears fully at fault, they may still try to place some of the blame on the victim. This aspect further highlights the importance of a robust case supported by credible evidence.

The Importance of Legal Assistance in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The Importance of Legal Assistance in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

A trusted legal partner is vital in situations involving personal injury from car accidents. Negotiating with insurance companies, collecting evidence, and navigating the complexities of Ohio law can be daunting.

Hence, proper legal assistance offers a lifeline, easing the burden and fighting for justice. Experienced in handling personal injury cases, Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys is ready to wage war for those wronged. They can answer questions like How long does it take to get a settlement from a car accident in Ohio?

With our help, victims can pursue a favorable resolution, ensuring that the complexities of the legal process don't hinder their path to fair compensation.


When fatal injuries occur in car accidents, the quest for compensation becomes a fight for justice. It is a daunting task, filled with the complexities of legal procedures and emotional hardship. Navigating this path requires steadfast support from a seasoned legal team.

With our expertise, Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can simplify this journey, tirelessly seeking compensation for the loss endured.

Our dedication and skill make us valuable partners, fighting tirelessly to seek compensation for the injured and bring solace in the face of immense grief.


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