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What Causes Intersection Car Accidents in Ohio?

Intersections are dangerous places where collisions can result in personal injuries and sometimes even death. These danger zones are notorious for T-bone accidents, in addition to front and rear-end crashes.

In fact, collision data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicate that roughly 36 percent of all car accidents take place at intersections. The statistics in Ohio are even more alarming, with nearly half of all traffic accidents in the state taking place at an intersection.

What makes these areas hotspots for collisions? This article will explore the causes of intersection car accidents in Ohio.

What Are Some of the Most Dangerous Intersections in Ohio, According to the Ohio Department of Transportation?

What Are Some of the Most Dangerous Intersections in Ohio, According to the Ohio Department of Transportation?

Before delving into the causes of such crashes, it's important to first talk about which specific intersections in Ohio are notorious for accidents.

In general, every intersection should be considered dangerous. That's because there's always the possibility that a driver may be distracted, intoxicated, or speeding, so by exercising caution when approaching an intersection, motorists can avoid collisions.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) took collision data and used it to compile a list of the most dangerous intersections in Ohio. The section below will shed some light on these areas. They list the rank, intersection, city, and danger index, as provided by the department's report.

1. Cleveland Ave and Morse Rd

Claiming the number one spot, the most dangerous intersection in the state is where Cleveland Avenue and Morse Rd intersect. Located in Columbus, it has a danger index of 188.64, following two fatalities, 52 minor injuries, and three serious injuries.

2. OH 28 and Romar Drive

This intersection, situated in Miami, is number two on the list. With a danger index of 183.6, it isn't far behind Cleveland Av and Morse Rd.

3. Hamilton Road and Livingston Avenue

Hamilton Rd and Livingston Ave is another intersection on this list that is located in Columbus. It has been assigned a danger index of 174.96.

4. Airport Highway and Byrne Road

The intersection of Airport Hw and Byrne Rd is another hotspot for intersection accidents. It can be found in Toledo and was given a danger rating of 166.32 by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

5. Karl Road and Morse Road

Karl Rd and Morse Rd intersection, located in Columbus, is also known for traffic crashes. Featuring a danger index of 166.32, it takes the number five spot on the list of the most dangerous intersections in Ohio.

Other Dangerous Intersections to Be Weary

In addition to the intersections mentioned above, here are others that motorists in Ohio need to be wary of:

  • Morse Rd and Sunbury Rd in Ohio

  • Dublin Granville Rd and Busch Blvd

  • Mentor Ave and Reynolds Road in Toledo

  • Main St and Mcnaughten Rd

  • Hilliard Rome Rd and Renner Rd in Columbus

  • Roberts Rd and Hilliard Rome Rd in Columbus

  • James H Mcgee Bl and 3rd St in Dayton

Common Causes of Intersection Accidents

Intersection accidents are sadly prevalent throughout the state of Ohio, typically a result of a mix of circumstances that contribute to unsafe driving conditions.

Driver error remains the leading cause of such collisions, but other factors, such as poor road conditions, can also contribute to these accidents. The section below offers insight into some of the most common reasons why these accidents occur.

Failure to Obey Traffic Rules and Signals

When drivers ignore the rules of the road, run red lights, and fail to yield the right of way at an intersection, this can lead to crashes. In their haste to get past intersections, drivers may overlook the importance of obeying red lights, stop signs, and yield signs.

This disregard for traffic control measures shows that the driver does not care about public safety. Their actions can result in disorderly and unpredictable dangerous intersections where the right of way is violated, resulting in crashes between vehicles driving in opposite directions.

Poor Road Design and Maintenance

Insufficient road maintenance and design errors also contribute to crashes at crossroads. Uneven surfaces, potholes, and poorly designated lanes can all pose risks to traffic flow through intersections.

Insufficient signage or complex road configurations can also add to motorist confusion and raise the risk of an accident. It can be particularly dangerous when there is a high volume of traffic at the intersection.


Speeding is still a problem on Ohio roads, particularly near intersections. Driving at excessive speeds shortens a motorist's reaction time, which can make it more challenging to respond quickly to shifts in the flow of traffic or unforeseen occurrences within an intersection.

When drivers fail to modify their speeds in accordance with posted limitations or when they do not drop their speed in time, the risk of a collision increases. 

Distracted Driving

Another contributing factor that can result in intersection accidents in Ohio is inattentive driving. Distracted drivers, who are focused on tasks such as texting, changing the song on the radio, or talking to someone over the phone, often fail to maintain a watchful eye on their surroundings.

This lack of focus might result in missing traffic signals, failing to spot pedestrians, or being unable to respond quickly to changing road conditions within the intersection, increasing the likelihood of a car crash.

Poor Weather Conditions

Unfavorable weather conditions, which are common in Ohio, also contribute to accidents at crossroads. Rain,  fog, snow, and other weather conditions can make roadways slippery, impair visibility, and make it difficult for motorists to negotiate intersections safely.

Failing to adapt driving behavior to adverse conditions can result in sliding or skidding, which can result in a collision with other vehicles or nearby objects.

Failing to Yield the Right of Way

Failure to yield the right of way is another typical cause of such traffic accidents. Ohio traffic laws establish explicit guidelines for which car has the right of way in various situations.

However, some motorists may ignore these restrictions, causing confusion and perhaps dangerous conditions. Failure to yield can lead to T-bone crashes, in which one car collides with the side of another while attempting to cross the junction.

Common Injuries Sustained in a Car Accident That Occurs at an Intersection

Mild, severe, and moderate injuries are all common at intersections. The cause of the accident, the speed at which both cars were traveling, and other factors all influence how serious a passenger or driver's injuries are.

Common injuries sustained in intersection collisions include the following:

  • Broken bones

  • Lacerations

  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Neck injuries

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Whiplash

  • Internal organ damage

  • Strains and sprains

Claiming Compensation for Accident Injuries

Claiming Compensation for Accident Injuries

When a person is injured in an intersection accident, pursuing compensation becomes an important part of their recovery. Following a car crash, victims are frequently faced with medical expenses, lost pay, and emotional suffering.

Obtain Medical Treatment

The first step on the journey to recovery is seeking medical treatment for their injuries, thereby creating a documented relationship between the incident and the injury suffered. Once a victim is stable, retaining legal counsel becomes critical. A car accident lawyer in Toledo OH with experience in personal injury lawsuits can help them navigate the legal system and advise them on their legal options.

Gather Evidence

The next thing a victim can do is gather evidence with the help of a reliable personal injury attorney in order to establish a compelling case. Medical records, eyewitness accounts, accident reports, and any available surveillance footage may be included.

Evaluate the Nature of the Claim

It is critical that victims evaluate several elements in the pursuit of compensation, such as the extent of their injuries, future expenses, and the emotional and psychological aspects that any car accident can bring.

Negotiate with the Other Party's Insurance Company

The victim will then negotiate fair compensation with the at-fault party's insurance carrier. If a settlement cannot be achieved, legal action may be initiated, which may result in a ruling from the court.

At this stage of the process, a reliable legal advisor can help to negotiate a fair settlement and ensure that the victim's rights are protected.

Get Legal Assistance

Claimants can maximize their chances of obtaining the financial recompense they deserve for the mental, physical, emotional, and financial toll of the incident by tackling the process properly with the help of a reliable lawyer. That can also help with determining multiple car accident who pays.

Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys Are Here to Help!

Recovering from a personal injury can be taxing on the victim and their family members. What's more, it can place considerable financial strain on them, with few options for covering their expenses. When an insurance claim is not sufficient to cover past and future expenses, a personal injury lawsuit can be initiated to recover a fair amount. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can also provide insight on chain reaction car accidents in Ohio.

Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of traffic laws and intersection accidents. They will stop at nothing to build a strong case to back up the victim's claim and provide expert guidance and rigorous legal representation.

Claimants can schedule a free consultation with the firm to discuss the unique facts surrounding their case and obtain reliable guidance and advice.


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