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What Can You Do to Avoid Truck Driver DUI Accidents - What to Do

Truck drivers who are driving drunk or under the influence of other substances can cause devastating accidents. Is there a way that other vehicles on the road can avoid being part of these truck accidents? There are strategies that people can use to try and minimize the risk of encountering drunk drivers in general.

There's always going to be a possibility of being stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time. If that happens, it's also important to know what to do. With this in mind, this article is going to cover ways to avoid getting into altercations with truck drivers. When these altercations are inevitable, though, people in passenger vehicles will be well served to know some of these tips. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can also hep with other questions like What can you do to avoid brake failure accidents?

Driving in the Middle of the Day Is the Best Way to Avoid Drunk Drivers

Driving in the Middle of the Day Is the Best Way to Avoid Drunk Drivers

It's not that drunk driving is only going to happen at night. However, people are less likely to encounter a drunk driver in broad daylight. That's just down to the statistics, which indicate that most of these accidents take place late at night and in the early morning hours.

That's why noon to around five or six in the afternoon seem to be the best hours to be out on the road to avoid being involved in drunk driving accidents. People who are on a road trip and want to get out on the highway to avoid traffic and potential encounters with a drunk driver could really benefit from a 9 to 9:30 a.m. departure time.

In most cities, people are going to be at work by that time, so there's typically not going to be as much traffic on the highways. That's another element that can help people prevent crashes. With fewer cars around, the possibility of two or more of them colliding goes down as well.

Strategies to Avoid Crashes When Driving at Night or in the Early Morning

Some drivers are not going to be able to avoid getting on the road during the late hours of the night or early morning hours. That automatically increases their chances of encountering someone who's been drinking on the same street as them. In fact, if it's a weekend or between a Thursday and a Friday, the chances are even greater.

The first thing that a driver has to do to keep themselves safe during this time of day is to ensure that their lights work properly. If their lights work properly, they are going to be able to spot other drivers at a distance. The people in those other vehicles will also be able to spot them from a distance, and that will make it more likely that any of the two will be able to yield in time if they are close together at any point.

When a driver can see the whole road ahead of them, they'll be able to practice defensive driving techniques. Part of these defensive driving techniques revolves around knowing how to react when there are other cars nearby. Smaller vehicles that feature faulty lighting are a nightmare for commercial drivers and can be the most at risk.

Even if it's not an impaired truck driver who's behind the wheel, they can have a tough time spotting some of these smaller vehicles when there's poor visibility. This just goes to show that not every truck accident can be blamed on alcohol consumption. Other drivers also need to be alert and need to ensure that their vehicles are in the right condition to be on the road.

Is It worth It to Explore Different Routes to Avoid Truck Drivers?

Truck drivers are sometimes not allowed on certain highways and streets in some cities. Using these roads seems like one of the best ways to avoid truck accidents altogether. This strategy will only make sense if the route doesn't take a person too far off course.

It's also true that truckers are not the only people that could be out there drunk driving. Even on these backroads, where trucks are not allowed, it's still a good idea to practice defensive driving. That's especially going to be the case if it's early in the morning or late at night.

Many of these alternative routes where a semi-truck can't enter are also used by people in private passenger vehicles who are drinking and driving. Since these roads tend to feature less traffic, there's a lower presence of police officers as well. Anyone who knows they are breaking the law will prefer to be doing so away from the prying eyes of the police.

Spotting Drunk Drivers When Driving at Night

People who are able to spot an intoxicated driver from afar are less likely to be involved in a drunk driving accident. Drunk truck drivers are, at times, the easiest to spot because they're going to be swerving a lot as they drive down the road. It's naturally easier to spot a commercial truck from afar than it would be to see a regular passenger vehicle.

Once it's clear that the person behind the wheel is drinking and driving, the best thing to do is to remain at a considerable distance from that vehicle. To do that, the other cars should ideally slow their pace down and turn their vehicle warning lights on. This can help other drivers understand what's going on so that they, too, can slow down.

When someone comes in contact with intoxicated drivers, it could also be a good idea to call 9-1-1. That's especially recommended if they can do this without being distracted themselves in the process. One of the problems that takes place, particularly when there's a drunk truck driver on the road, is that other vehicles may crash into each other trying to avoid the truck.

These collateral damages make drunk truck driving potentially more dangerous than regular drinking and driving incidents. People driving at night should ensure their speed is within the legal limit at all times. Apart from being the best way to avoid a ticket, these speeds can usually afford people enough to deviate if they come in contact with an intoxicated driver.

Do's and Don'ts When Being In an Accident With a Drunk Driver

Being in accidents caused by truck drivers or just people who were drinking and driving can be a terrible experience. With truck accidents, there's a high likelihood that the people in the other vehicle will have serious injuries. This is just based on the fact that a semi-truck will be able to do much more damage to a regular vehicle than that vehicle can inflict on the truck.

When accidents happen, it's likely that truck drivers will try to flee the scene. The best thing that someone affected in this case can do is look for the license plate on the truck. What people shouldn't be doing is trying to chase down a truck driver.

Going after a commercial truck driver in these types of accidents can only increase the likelihood that more people will be hurt. When involved in a truck accident, the best thing that anyone can do is remain calm, call 9-1-1, and potentially memorize at least the color scheme on the truck.

Why Truck Drivers May Want to Flee the Accident Scene

When people try to flee any crime scene, it's because they fear the repercussions that they could be subjected to. If a truck driver causes a fatal accident, that can not only put an end to their career, but they could also see jail time because of the incident. Commercial truck drivers who are found to be drunk or driving under the influence of other substances are almost always headed to prison.

Unfortunately, many of these truck drivers who do try to flee do so because they know they won't pass a substance abuse test. When under the influence of alcohol, they experience a sudden rush if they're involved in a crash. That, at times, involuntary reflex urges them to flee the scene.

If There's No Time to Memorize the Plates, Is There a Way to Obtain Compensation?

Drivers involved in a truck accident tend to worry that they won't be able to receive compensation if they can't track down the truck that hit them. When one of these situations takes place, it's important to contact an experienced truck accident attorney quickly. These attorneys, particularly at the local level, will have access to evidence from street cameras that can be used to build a case against a truck driver.

When a truck accident takes place, it usually causes a major commotion in the area. Even if the driver refuses to stop and they're lucky that they were not caught on camera at the scene of the accident, they can usually be spotted further down the road. As mentioned, if there's no time to memorize the license plates, at least getting a sense of the color scheme on the truck could help determine which trucking company it belongs to.

Will the Person Who Is Drunk Driving Always Be at Fault for an Accident?

This is one of those drunk driving laws that people tend to get wrong. Many times, drunk driving crashes happen because the person who was driving under the influence was also speeding or otherwise doing something reckless. When that action causes the crash, then it's going to be hard for the drunk person not to be blamed for the incident.

Furthermore, drunk drivers involved in fatal accidents will likely see a considerable amount of jail time. However, if one of the drivers involved in an accident is drunk, that doesn't mean that they are automatically to blame. They may face some type of fine, and they'll benefit from hiring a good accident attorney to ensure that's all they face. That doesn't mean that the person driving drunk will always be blamed for the incident.

When Is the Perfect Time to Call a Lawyer After a Truck Accident?

When Is the Perfect Time to Call a Lawyer After a Truck Accident?

It's understandable that people may be overwhelmed immediately after an accident takes place. They're going to be dealing with their own injuries and potentially catastrophic injuries to the people around them. Through all of this, it's important to keep in mind that the quicker a truck accident attorney gets involved in the matter, the better.

Motor vehicle accidents that lead to a court case are going to require the same elements that lawyers would look for in any legal situation. The problem with car accidents is that evidence can fade quickly after an incident has taken place. That's one of the main reasons why it's important to get a truck accident lawyer in Toledo OH involved in the process early on.

They'll be able to collect evidence directly from the scene that they could potentially use to build a case. This doesn't mean that a person who's been in an accident shouldn't call their insurance company. It's very important to have their people involved swiftly as well.

Many times, these interactions between the insurance company and the lawyers can lead to very positive results for the clients. Both parties are going to be able to help each other collect evidence and effectively build a case that benefits their side.

Final Thoughts

The best thing that anyone can do is to try to avoid any altercations with commercial drivers. Even if professional truck drivers who are on the road beside regular cars do not consume alcohol, the damage that a truck can do to a smaller vehicle is usually significant. That's why people should proceed with caution around large commercial trucks.

When accidents do happen, it's important to know who to call to be in the right hands throughout the process. It can be a grueling one, particularly if the person involved is dealing with a debilitating injury. If that's the unfortunate outcome, people deserve the right compensation.

Trucking companies are known for being rough negotiators. Crashes are part of the business, so it's likely that the company works with a qualified attorney or two whose job it is to get the company to pay minimum compensation. People who seek compensation that is fair need to find the right help to achieve that goal.


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