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What Can You Do to Avoid Truck Tire Blowouts | Safety and Legal Tips

Truck tires that are not properly inflated or poor tire condition can make it extremely dangerous to drive. It can lead to tire blowout accidents, causing serious injuries and, in worse cases, death.

What's tragic about tire blowouts is that these types of catastrophic incidents are 100% preventable. The personal injury attorneys at Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys have extensive experience helping truck accident victims get justice and the compensation they deserve. 

Those who have suffered injuries in Toledo, Ohio, in a truck accident should contact Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys to discuss their case and learn more about their legal options. They can also give you information on what you can do to avoid blind spot accidents.

Is a Tire Blowout Deadly?

Is a Tire Blowout Deadly?

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a tire blowout is a leading cause of commercial vehicles losing control in the United States. Around 29% of all large truck accidents in the country happen due to the driver losing control of their vehicle.

Why Do Truck Tires Blowout?

Tire blowouts can happen for several reasons. Understanding how it can occur and the measures truck drivers must take can help prevent accidents.

There are several causes of truck tire blowouts, some of which include the following:

Under-inflated Tires

Under-inflation can lead to truck tire blowouts. When the air pressure in the tires starts to drop, too much of the tire touches the road, which can lead to increased friction. This can cause the tire to overheat, leading to many different problems, including the following:

  • Premature wear and tear

  • Thread separation

  • Tire blowout

While underinflated tires can be a serious problem, overinflating can also increase the risk of tire blowouts. 

Too much pressure can attract more heat from the sun, which causes the air inside the tire to expand. When that happens, it can stretch the tire beyond its limit, causing it to tear or explode eventually.

Road Conditions

Road conditions play a major role in causing truck tire blowouts in the United States. Large potholes, hot temperatures, and road debris can damage tires, weakening their structure and making them more susceptible to blowouts.

Heavy Load

Constantly overloading the vehicle can exponentially increase wear and tear. Exceeding a truck's weight capacity can put more pressure on its tires, which can increase the risk of blowouts. 

Poor Tire Maintenance

Lack of maintenance can cause wear and tear and other tire problems to go unnoticed. It can also reduce the tire's lifespan, increasing the risk of blowouts.

Mechanical Issues

Mechanical issues, such as misalignments, loose wheel bearings, and bent axles, can place a lot of pressure on the truck's tires, which can exponentially increase the rate of wear and tear.

Defective Tires

Although defective tires aren't as common as the other causes of tire blowouts, there have been cases in the past. In April 2023, Michelin recalled more than half a million tires after it failed to meet the federal snow tire traction standards.

Tires that fail to meet the federal guidelines can be extremely dangerous on the road. Its condition can deteriorate faster, increasing the risk of blowouts.

What Can You Do to Avoid Truck Tire Blowouts

There are a couple of things truck drivers can do to avoid tire blowouts, some of which include the following: 

Do a Quick Inspection Before Driving

Before driving a truck, most trucking companies have SOPs in place that require their drivers to do a routine inspection of the vehicle, including the tires. This can help the crew to identify any potential problems and take corrective measures to prevent tire blowouts.

A few of the things truck drivers must look out for before driving their vehicles include the following:

  • Signs of wear and tear

  • Tire pressure

  • Weight capacity check

Carry out Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance can help keep the truck and its tires in good condition. It can help identify problems, such as leaks and tread separation, allowing the vehicle owner to take the necessary measures. This can reduce the risk of tire blowouts.

Stay Updated on Recall Information

When defective products hit the shelves, it's essential for the manufacturers to create awareness of the problem and recall all of the units they've sold. 

Truck owners must also stay updated with the news so that they can stop using the tires.

Determining Proper Tire Pressure in a Truck's Tires

When checking a tire's pressure, most truck owners and drivers do a quick visual inspection. It's important to understand that radial tires may look properly inflated while losing much of the air pressure.

A truck driver or owner should invest in an air pressure monitor device, which is a great way to determine the pressure in the vehicle's tires before driving.

Here are a few tips to follow to ensure fully inflated tires:

  • Check the manufacturer's manual to find out the proper pressure of the truck's tires.

  • Use a digital pressure gauge, as it is more accurate than pencil-style gauges.

  • Check the air pressure after the truck has been sitting for five hours or more.

  • Truck drivers should check air pressure in all of the tires, including the spare tire.

How to Handle a Tire Blowout

When a tire blowout occurs, it can endanger not only the truck driver but other road users as well. To reduce the risk of accidents in such situations, drivers can follow the steps below:

  • The truck driver should stay calm and have a firm grip on the steering wheel

  • Let the truck slow down gradually instead of slamming on the brakes

  • Pull the truck over to a safe spot

  • Turn the hazard lights to prevent other road users from rear-ending the truck

  • Change the tire or call a professional for help

Truck tire blowouts can happen anywhere, anytime. It's crucial for the driver to stay prepared. Having a customized kit with all the necessary tools and equipment to change a flat tire can prevent delays and reduce the risk of accidents.

A truck on the side of the road is an accident waiting to happen. With a proper tire blowout kit, drivers can immediately replace the flat tire and be on their way.

Can Injured Victims Recover Compensation in a Tire Blowout Accident Claim?

Can Injured Victims Recover Compensation in a Tire Blowout Accident Claim?

Whether it is commercial rig or semi-truck tires, a driver must take the necessary measures, including checking the air pressure and carrying out daily inspections, to prevent accidents from happening. If their negligence results in a collision that causes injuries or death, they may be liable for the damages.

Truck drivers may also be able to pursue compensation if they suffer injuries due to a defective tire. Tire manufacturers are responsible for selling products that meet federal guidelines, and failure to do so can lead to liability.

Although the personal injury law provides a remedy for the injured victims to obtain compensatory damages, the affected parties may find it challenging to pursue claims or lawsuits without legal representation.

It's crucial for the injured victims to reach out to an experienced semi truck accident lawyer in Toledo to learn more about their rights.

Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys Can Help Truck Accident Victims Fight for Justice!

Those who have suffered injuries in a truck tire blowout accident in Toledo, Ohio, should call to schedule a free consultation with Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, as they may be eligible for compensation. They can also help advise on questions like What can you do to avoid rear-end truck accidents?

Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys have the expertise and resources to build a trial-ready case and handle the insurance company to negotiate a fair settlement for their client.


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