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Toledo Personal Injury Lawyer

Toledo Personal Injury Lawyer


When accident victims need a Toledo personal injury lawyer they can trust to fight relentlessly for them, this is where they turn. Learn more about our elite legal team today.

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Suffering a personal injury after an accident can derail a person's life and finances- but it doesn't have to be that way. With the support of an elite personal injury attorney, victims can hold responsible parties accountable and win the compensation and justice they deserve. Shuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys in Toledo are leading the charge for personal injury victims- going to war for their rights- and using their aggressive and dedicated legal prowess to win their cases.

What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury claim covers any type of accident or incident that causes harm to an individual that was not their fault. Some common personal injury cases in Toledo include:

  • Auto accidents: Car, motorbike, and truck accidents- drivers and pedestrians.

  • Medical malpractice: Wrongful treatment and nursing home abuse.

  • Slips and falls: Slips, trips, and falls in public and private properties.

  • Bog bite injuries: Any attacks from dogs where trespassing rules do not apply.

  • At-work accidents: Injuries suffered at work- claims through workers' compensation.

  • Wrongful death: When a victim dies from their injuries.

Claims can be made by the victim or their family against at-fault parties- such as other drivers, employers, or medical professionals.

The type of injury suffered impacts the compensation pursued- but even a small injury can warrant a claim. Some of the most common injuries in Toledo personal injury cases include head and brain trauma, broken or fractured bones, muscle strains and tears, back injuries, and neck injuries.

Whether is in something minor, a serious injury, or even death- victims and their loved ones can employ the services of a reliable personal injury attorney to help them claim the compensation they are owed. They can help determine how much the settlement should be- and do everything in their power to achieve the goals set.

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How Can Personal Injury Lawyers Support Victims?

A Toledo personal injury attorney takes the lead in the legal process- giving accident victims the support they need to recover physically and mentally without added stress. They manage the personal injury lawsuit from start to finish- using their specialist legal skills to get the most for their clients.

  • A law firm has the resources and connections required to get fast answers and keep things moving smoothly.

  • The team can negotiate with the insurance company on the victim's behalf to push for maximum compensation.

  • They work to gather evidence from the accident and to collect medical reports that can support the claim.

  • Working with a professional Toledo personal injury attorney means having the experts on the team- and knowing the case is in the best hands.

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What Can You Claim in Personal Injury Lawsuits?

There are several factors to consider when putting together an injury claim. An experienced personal injury attorney can help victims maximize their claims to aim for the best possible settlement offer.


Here are some of the things to include in personal injury claims.

Medical Expenses

Medical bills during and after your injury that relate to the accident can be claimed back from the at-fault party's insurance company. That includes physical therapy, follow-up treatments, and emergency care. Prescriptions and ongoing medical expenses following the accident are also covered.


A personal injury lawyer can help reconcile medical bills and expenses to take forward in the claim- using the medical records as evidence.

Pain and Suffering

On top of the physical injuries caused, victims can also claim damages for emotional distress. Pain and suffering compensation covers the things that don't have a monetary value- such as mental anguish, impacted quality of life, and the trauma caused.


It is easy to focus on the physical injury- but the impact it has on a person's mental well-being and quality of life is just as important. Personal injury lawyers fight to ensure this does not go unanswered- and to hold people accountable for all the suffering they have caused- not just the injury that occurred.

Other Financial Compensation

If the injury affects the victim's ability to work and earn money, damages for lost wages- and reduced future income- can be claimed.

Additionally, any expenses incurred when traveling to the hospital or other appointments, legal fees, and property damage can all make up part of a personal injury case.


In the event of wrongful death, families may also claim for funeral costs and the impact on surviving dependants.

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I have worked with Schuerger Shunnarah twice and they have been very helpful on my personal injury cases. They went above and beyond my expectations and did a great job both times.

Why Choose Schuerger Shunnarah Toledo Personal Injury Lawyers?

Shuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys go to war for personal injury victims to fight for full and fair compensation- and the justice they deserve.

As the leading personal injury attorneys in Toledo, they have unrivaled experience in pursuing claims for all kinds of personal injuries- and can use their legal expertise to get the best for clients.

  • Shuerger Shunnarah personal injury attorneys are aggressive, detail-oriented, and relentless in their pursuit of justice for clients.

  • They boast a team of elite legal minds with exceptional skills and impressive histories of successful personal injury cases.

The team has been helping injury victims reclaim their power after an accident- and begin the road to recovery with the financial reparations owed to them for their suffering.


They work on a contingency fee basis- so they don't win until the client does. Victims can recover compensation without worrying about fees on top of everything else.

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Contact our Team of Passionate Toledo Injury Attorneys

To find out more about how Shuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can support with personal injury claims, contact the team today to set up a free consultation.


Whether it was a car accident, a fall at work, or any other incident that was not your fault- don't let it leave you in financial hardship. Instead, let Shuerger Shunnarah go to war for you.


Commercial Accident


Client received: $3,965,364.80

Attorney Fees: $3,487,500

Costs: $297,136


18 Wheeler Accident

Client Received: $2,796,988.42

Attorney Fees: $2,000,000

Costs: $203,011.58


18 Wheeler Accident

Client Received: $2,000,000

Attorney Fees: $1,500,000

Costs: $1,000,000

Results vary based on the facts and the law in each case.

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