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National Museum of the Great Lakes: Toledo's Maritime Treasure

Situated in Toledo, Ohio, the National Museum of the Great Lakes serves as a comprehensive repository of maritime history, showcasing the rich heritage and significance of the Great Lakes region in North America. Learn more here.

Maritime History Exhibits

The museum features engaging exhibits detailing the history of the Great Lakes, including the evolution of shipping, maritime trade, shipbuilding, and the lives of sailors, highlighting the profound impact these waterways had on the development of the United States and Canada. Learn more about Toledo Botanical Garden: A Verdant Oasis in Toledo, OH.

Historic Vessels

Visitors can explore historic vessels like the S.S. Col. James M. Schoonmaker, a restored freighter offering a glimpse into the life of crews and the workings of a cargo ship during the early 20th century.

Educational Programs

The museum offers educational programs, guided tours, and interactive experiences catering to students, families, and enthusiasts, aiming to preserve maritime history and promote understanding of the Great Lakes' cultural and economic significance.

Research and Preservation

Dedicated to research and preservation, the museum maintains archives, artifacts, and a library to support scholarly inquiries and ensure the conservation of Great Lakes maritime heritage for future generations.


As a tribute to the Great Lakes maritime legacy, the National Museum of the Great Lakes in Toledo stands as an invaluable resource, offering a fascinating journey through history and a deeper appreciation for the pivotal role of these vast waterways.


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